Wednesday, October 2, 2019

AT89C51 glitching

Above: MJ-DFMJ. AT89C51 lower left

We have a number of inherited dumped AT89C51 chips in our inventory as well as a few new undumped ones:

AT89C51 is known to be vulnerable to voltage glitching. Basically there is a race condition when erasing where the security fuse is erased before the main data. If you pull power at just the right time, you clear protection without erasing the data.

However, we had a few concerns approaching this:
  1. If glitching fails, it may erase the part
  2. Concerns over EA damaged to prevent readout
  3. Known microprobing alternate attack

We started by analyzing the chip health to see if they had damaged EA or other issues. While we didn't detect any issues with EA, we did see some odd behavior on C056. When an AT89C51 is protected, the debug interface shuts down and results in the following observations:
  1. Memory is read as 0xFF
  2. Chip ID as 0xFFF00
C056 reported its memory as 0xFF, but the chip ID was reported correctly (0x1E51FF). This implies that the chip is not only unlocked, but its also erased! To confirm this, we did the following:
  1. Create a test pattern of all FF's, except FE on the first byte
  2. Program test pattern, making sure erase is not selected. Programming will likely fail due to first byte not matching
  3. Read back chip. If unprotected, bit 0x01 is cleared on the first byte
When tested on C056 programming did not fail and the first bit was cleared. Unfortunately this is pretty concrete evidence the chip is not protected, and is indeed blank.

Moving on, we still have two chips that we'd like to dump. After some discussion, we decided the best approach was to attempt glitching once. If it fails, fallback to microprobing. Originally we tried implementing the glitch ourselves, but got access to a RunFei commercial voltage glitcher and went with that instead. Unfortunately, C054 did not dump via glitching and will have to be microprobed. 

However, C017 succeeded! It's unfortunate we only got 1/3 dumped so far, but its still good progress that 2/3 of our AT89C51 inventory is processed. We are also investigating using the RunFei for related chips like AT89C2051.

Stay tuned for a post on 87C51!

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